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At Jung Industries, we specialize in producing a nearly indestructible plastic cigarette rolling tray. If you’ve ever rolled your own cigarettes, you will appreciate our “no mess” roll your own cigarette tray for its great design and easy cleanup. We consider this product to be a perfect accessory for anyone who regularly rolls their own cigarettes.


Our Plastic Cigarette Tray is made to accommodate your rolling machine with a base size of 9-1/4 inches long by 7-1/7 inches wide and is perfect for all hand rollers. We start with a nearly indestructible plastic that is widely used in the automotive industry and will not rust as those metal cigarette trays do. This is the largest tobacco tray on the market measuring nearly 18 inches long by 12 inches wide. The design of the wide edges to confine the tobacco within the PLASTIC CIGARETTE TRAY and eliminates a messy work area.


The first compartment of your RYO PLASTIC CIGARETTE TRAY comfortably holds your machine or hand roller, while an additional compartment of the tray holds more than 30 tubes (Kings or 100’s). Your finished cigarettes then fall directly into the third compartment.

When you’re finished rolling your smokes, simply tilt your PLASTIC CIGARETTE TRAY to empty any unused tobacco back into its original container or package. Thus you have NO MESS & NO WASTED TOBACCO.



Cleanup of your tray is a breeze and is easily done using only a damp cloth or soap & water. It is not, however recommended that it be placed in a dishwasher.


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